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Hello! And thanks for stopping by.

My serious interest in photography began when, as a fresh-faced kid, I landed in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in the early '90s. In dire need of a job, I lucked into few assisting gigs with a professional photographer and friend. I lugged gear, loaded film, directed lights and went for coffee.

Since that time, photography has been constantly evolving in my life. It's been a hobby, a passion, a sport, a job, an art, a form of communication, a form of documentation and a constant study. In fact, I can't remember a time when I wasn't photographing regularly.

With time I've gained experience and knowledge about photography and technique: Lighting, framing, depth, composition, color, texture, subject, background, and everything else piled into that picture which speaks a thousand words, but also into the equipment, the gadgets, the gear -- in this rapidly changing technological world -- that records it all.

I'm interested in capturing the "essence" of a person, the exact moment when guard and pretense are removed, and also in the unique energy of places, spaces, objects, moments of interaction.

I'm Brooklyn-based, but I love to travel. I'm professionally equipped for any situation and a very capable re-toucher.

Please click on my blog for more photos and also my personal experiences, insights and processes.

You can purchase prints directly from this site, but if there's something you don't see available or have any questions or comments, please contact me.

I hope you like what you see.

Be Well,